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In 2020 we demanded change.
In 2021 we started to build the alternative.
In 2022 it's time to join the rebellion!

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Extinction Rebellion is an international movement that uses non-violent civil disobedience in an attempt to halt mass extinction and minimise the risk of social collapse.

Our demands

What can you do?

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In spite of the confinement situation, we keep on working
from our homes. Join us!


Our single path to victory is from lots of people making small donations. This is your movement.


The easiest way to join is by coming to one of our events. Listen to the talk, make friends and get involved.

Working Groups

Want to dedicate some free time and work together with other activists on growing XR Barcelona?

Who joins XR Barcelona?

Extinction Rebellion is young, old, black, white, indigenous, of all faiths and none, of all genders and sexualities and none. Being alive on earth now is all the qualification required.


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Communication about Citizen Assemblies on Climate

Citizens’ Assemblies on Climate (ACC) are one of four basic demands made by the international movement Extinction Rebellion (XR) to confront the climate, ecological and energy emergency that is already upon us. To arrive at this demand, XR has collected the many and varied experiences of Citizen Assemblies carried out…

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#Adeubancafossil: request for account closure

Fossil banks finance the climate crisis. The banks with the most assets in the fossil fuel industry in Catalonia and in the Spanish State are Santander, with a total of 34 billion dollars worth of investments between 2016 and 2020, BBVA with 22 billion dollars during the same period of…

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#AdeuBancaFossil: our demands

We call on Banco Santander to: Immediately stop financing the fossil fuel business, projects, and companies involved in exploration, extraction, production, fracking, etc., and the construction of infrastructures, such as the MidCat/Step or Castor by Enagas or ACS.Stop financing companies and projects responsible for deforestation and the destruction of ecosystems.Finance…

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