International Rebellion of October, Madrid, 2019


This time in more cities, countries and continents.

International Rebellion continues on October 7, 2019.

Extinction Rebellion are organising alongside 2020 Rebellion for Climate the Second International Rebellion Week XR, aligned with the rest of mobilisations planned against the inaction of governments and their failure to fight the Climate and Ecological Emergency.

This autumn, on October 7, XR will perform disruptive actions in cities from all over the world like London, Madrid, Buenos Aires, New York, Auckland, Paris, Berlin, Prague or Melbourne.

Considering the apathy and indifference of governments towards the devastating ecological crisis and mass extinction that the world is currently facing, from the global civil society we rebel to make our ethical demand heard: the prevention of a dying world for the younger and future generations and for the rest of species that inhabit the Earth. The critical situation compels us to opt for nonviolent civil disobedience. Rebels from all over the peninsula and surrounding islands will be joining the call.

To help us organise this action, we ask you to please register in the form that you will find below in order for us to have enough time to prepare and be aware of how much help is at our disposal. We are working to arrange transportation and accommodation for attendees, and we also offer training on nonviolent direct action.

There are many ways to participate:

·Directly in the Action: ·We offer training on ADNV (Nonviolent direct action) all September until October 6 (in Madrid) for those who haven’t received it yet.

There will be different roles, with different levels of exposure:

  • central core or nucleus, which opens and marks the beginning of the action (Action).
  • You can also join in later to support and help create a multitude/mass (Support).
  • You can participate indirectly, supporting the action without taking part in the action itself, solidary support, by supporting us on social media, donating or writing an opinion article for a newspaper, for example”.

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