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Presentation of “2020: The Walk” art and activism project by Extinction Rebellion & Debate with Marta Moreno Muñoz , Oscar Martin and Rebel·lió o Extinció – XR Barcelona.

07/Jun/2022 @ 18:00 20:00

📅 Tuesday, June 7th

⏱️ 6-8 pm

📍Sala Plató, Hangar.org (C. Emilia Coranty, 16, Can Ricart 08018 Barcelona)

Thanks to Wet Lab and Pluriversidad Nómada.

Marta Moreno Muñoz:

“This is our darkest hour. We are in urgent need of a radical system change: it is our sacred duty to rebel.”

I understand artistic practice as a vehicle through which we can transform life and redefine the concept we have of ourselves, establishing new relationships with the natural world, society and others: experimenting with our subjectivities, expanding consciousness and creating new existential scenarios. As an artist and activist fully committed to Extinction Rebellion – an international social movement, whose goal is to influence world governments and environmental policies through non-violent civil disobedience to minimize global warming, biodiversity loss, massive species extinction and the risk of social and ecological collapse – my latest performances internalize the serious ecological and civilizational crisis we are facing in the current context of planetary emergency.

“2020: The Walk” is an art and activism project in which we plan to walk from Granada to Helsinki – and from there to the permafrost – taking trains and ferries, raising awareness on our way about not taking planes and helping to spread the Extinction Rebellion movement by giving talks and training about Nonviolent Direct Action – ADNV. Along the 4000 kilometers, we will connect with fellow rebels and other climate activists from like-minded movements among the waves of rebellion – and some of them will accompany us on sections of the walk as a regenerative period, visiting XR nodes and helping to create new ones in Spain, France, Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Finland. “2020: The Walk” will be documented on video, the process will be published on a blog and social media, and finally a book will be published.

We are not prepared for the dangers our future holds. We may face floods, fires, extreme weather, crop failures, mass migration displacements and the collapse of society. The time for denial is over. It is time for action.”


Marta Moreno Muñoz is an Extinction Rebellion’s artist and activist working in different disciplines such as action art, video and other time-based arts. She has lived and produced works in Spain, UK, Turkey, India, the Netherlands, Indonesia, Singapore and the Philippines, and has shown her videos and performances in festivals and exhibitions internationally. 

She is currently immersed in the production of “2020: The Walk”, researching for her doctoral thesis “Art as an experience of dissolution of the subject. Towards an artistic practice in times of collapse” and collaborating with 15/15/15 – Magazine for a new civilization.


Oscar Martín is an artist, researcher and independent programmer working in the field of algorithmic poetics and the study of generative systems composed of non-human agents (biological, algorithmic or mechanical) applied to the artistic context under the premises of DIY and DIWO. His practice could be understood as a “polyhedral” device of knowledge where art, science and technology converge and hybridize from an unorthodox, critical and experimental approach.

Martin converges in “2020: The Walk” as an act born from the political desire to put the body in front of the ecosocial crisis we are facing, also giving audiovisual support to this project – XR campaign.