Madrid, 2-13 Dec 2019

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The planet is in an extreme situation. As a consequence of human activity, ecosystems are in danger and with it, life as we know it. We are in a borderline situation of climate emergency, in front of which Governments are failing to protect us, and thus become illegitimate. COP25 is a unique opportunity to denounce that elites and governments are colaborating in the destruction of the planet.

The Conference of the Parties (COP25) will be held from December 2 to 14 in Madrid and Extinction Rebellion Barcelona wants to invite you to a week during which we will demand both the fulfillment of our demands and solidarity with our Chilean sisters and the global south in general, through Nonviolent Direct Actions. Moreover, it will take place in parallel an alternative COP, in collaboration with Chile, that will concentrate more than 150 organizations and social movements from civil society (Civil Society for Climate Action).

We want Madrid to become a welcoming, with regenerative culture a tits head and as a relational framework for regeneration abroad. There will be safe and healthy spaces for reflection and empathy for all those Rebels from other regions. This is a special occasion to meet the international community of which we are a part, being able to put into practice collective care, creativity, kindness, and friendly, healthier and more fruitful relationships, thus creating a resilient community regardless of the confrontations that might arise in the future.


Leaders convened to address the climate crisis during the fifth COP25 will focus on reviewing the Treaties signed during the Paris summit and adjust them in view of its entry into force in 2020. A recent study shows that it is unlikely that the goal of keeping global temperature below 2ºC is achieved, even if these agreements are put into practice. The citizens of the Planet want that goal to be fulfilled, through a real democracy that unites all citizens in the world, rising through art, love for the Planet and all life contained in it, nonviolence, respect for the Environment and direct action.


COP25 will take place mainly at the IFEMA Madrid Fairgrounds in 6 different pavilions. Other events will take place at the North Convention Center and other places in the city. 25,000 participants from 200 countries are expected to attend.

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The defined objectives are:

  • Tell the truth about the climate emergency.
  • Reduction of emissions to zero percent net in 2025.
  • Citizen assemblies.
  • Make visible the reality of our Chilean sister – climate justice.
  • Report crimes for breaching the agreements of the previous COPs.
  • Supervision of the COP25 and future processes.

We want our goals to be met via radically inclusive peaceful direct actions. These actions will be targeted to embassies and lobbies and will be characterized by performances, disruptive actions, non-violent acts, respect for all entities, and scientific rigor. Reported realities such as environmental pollution of plastics or oil, which are causes of natural disasters such as fires, desertification, floods of anthropological origin, exponential increase of refugees with climate origin and even the murder of climate activists, all leading to the no existence of a future. All these issues will be addressed in our direct actions.

XR is positioned as a COP25 vigilant and subsequent conferences so that, with the aim of creating a perpetual surveillance environment, the actions prior to the arrival of the participants will occur together with an action specifically referred to this surveillance, which from then it will take place monthly.


There are two options: you can either be housed by a rebel, or in collective places. If you need accommodation, complete this form.

Also, think about bringing your sunbed and your sleeping bag!


From Barcelona, ​​there are two transport options available:

  • Bus: XR Barcelona organizes two buses. The departure time is December the 6th at 8am, and return on December the 8th at 2 p.m. or 4p.m. The total price is € 36. Buy your ticket here
    If you have difficulties to pay the ticket, write an email to and we will try to help you.
  • Train: Ecologistas en Acción organizes the trip to Madrid by slow train (one way) on December the 6th at 8am, to arrive to Madrid at 6pm and join the demonstration. More information here


The kitchen will be organized in collaboration with several groups and associations. Meals will be vegan, local and seasonal.


For legal advice, read this document

In theory, both non-resident foreigners and resident rebels would be incurring the same legal / civil risks, for the same crime.


Each country of those who want to take part will have a delegate who will participate weekly in calls with delegates from other regions.
In addition, it is possible to contact: