Solidarity with Australia for the wildfires ravaging the country

Extinction Rebellion Barcelona stands in solidarity with Australia for the wildfires that are ravaging the country

Extinction Rebellion organizes an international action in solidarity with Australia. Concentrations are gathering before Australian consulates and embassies in the United Kingdom, France, Argentina, Chile, Germany, the United States on January 10.

The Barcelona Extinction Rebellion node joins the call to denounce the emergency situation that the country is experiencing, aggravated by the climate crisis, to show its support to all Australians facing of the wildfires that are sweeping the country. The demonstration will be at 12 noon in front of the Australian consulate, on Avenida Diagonal 433, Barcelona.

Australia has suffered a heat wave since December 2019, experiencing the driest spring in history, and reached record average extreme temperatures of 41.9ºC. These factors, a consequence of climate change, are making wildfires so devastating. These wildfires therefore demonstrate, once again, the climate and environmental emergency that we are experiencing. Immediate actions are necessary to combat it and for politicians to tell the truth about this situation.

The objectives of this international action are therefore:

  1. That the Australian government to tell the truth about the climate emergency.
  2. That the Australian government acts on the climate emergency, the most dramatic ecological disaster in our history, which has given way to these catastrophic wildfires.
  3. To denounce the crimes of the Australian government: the government is complicit in the disaster because it is funded by and supports the fossil energy industries that are causing the crisis. The Australian political parties are allied with the gas and coal industries. Australia is one of the five largest gas and coal exporters in the world, which is not only a problem for Australia, but for the rest of the planet.
  4. To pressure the government to listen and implement aboriginal knowledge on how to take care of natural landscapes and manage this wildfires crisis. Aboriginal communities have guarded the land for 80,000 years and know how to handle wildfires.

Extinction Rebellion maintains its commitment to nonviolence, so the concentrations will be peaceful, but we will not stop flooding the streets until there are actions at the height of the emergency we are living. We won’t let the planet burn!

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