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Climate Emergency Declaration

Climate Emergency Declaration of Barcelona

The Movements for the Climate demand the Government of Barcelona an annual reduction of GHG emissions of 7.6% according to the claims of the UN The Movements will analyze in detail the measures that the City Council will present today in the Climate Emergency Declaration to make public a Valuation…

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Solidarity with Australia for the wildfires ravaging the country

Extinction Rebellion Barcelona stands in solidarity with Australia for the wildfires that are ravaging the country Extinction Rebellion organizes an international action in solidarity with Australia. Concentrations are gathering before Australian consulates and embassies in the United Kingdom, France, Argentina, Chile, Germany, the United States on January 10. The Barcelona…

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End of year newsletter

Dear Rebels, 2019 is behind us, and we are now living the first days of 2020 – a decade ends which has proved to be a tipping point in the fight against climate change. This year that ends represents an increase of awareness for many of us; the moment in…

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Extinction Rebellion projecting on El Corten Inglés

Laser art to wake up consciences

Today, Friday, 5th January 2020, Extinction Barcelona (XR BCN) have projected laser images using as background “El Corte Inglés”, one of the places where business intends to continue as usual, while we move at an accelerated speed towards extinction. With this action we want to show that while no individual…

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Gift package

Letter to the Three Magi

Dear Magi,This year there is one thing that worries us… It is the crisis of the climate climate, pollution, and biodiversity loss we suffer all over the world.Because you always make sure that all the girls and boys that well behaved get what they deserve, we are confident that the…

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Is Extinction Rebellion a Hippie Movement?

Last summer marked 50 years since the Woodstock Festival, probably the moment of greatest blossimong of the hippie movement. Around 500,000 young people attended and performed there artists such as Joan Baez, Janis Joplin, Joe Cocker, The Grateful Dead, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Santana, The Who or Jimi Hendrix. The conservative…

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Advertisment sign: "we are consuming the planet" (in catalan) at a bus stop

Campaign against Black Friday

Extinction Rebellion Barcelona takes action and denounces the environmental and social impact of the Black Friday campaign, which marks the day of the year with the highest level of consumption. Extinction Rebellion Barcelona will carry out two actions today with the aim of generating a space for reflection and dialogue…

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Hunger strike for the climate: Rebels in St. Jaume square in Barcelona

Hunger Strike for the Climate

Extinction Rebellion launches the biggest climate hunger strike in history Global hunger strike against political inaction in the face of the Climatic CrisisMore than 400 rebels in 27 countries around the world went on hunger strike yesterday November 18This action highlights the devastating impact on global food supplies of the…

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Banner: Fossil free EIB - Not with my money

Not with my Money: Fossil Free EIB

Today, November 12, 2019, we’ll gather at 5pm in front of the European Commission (Paseo de Gracia, 90). Extinction Rebellion Barcelona and 350BCN demand European political leaders to invest on life, completely ceasing the financing of all types of fossil fuels projects -including natural gas- by the European Investment Bank…

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XR Barcelona NewsletterNovember

November Newsletter

Dear rebels, The last 30 days have been an emotional journey for all of us. We have experienced sacrifice, pain, unity, joy, frustration, fatigue, elation and heart-bursting love. We have been to Madrid and back, faced arrest and physical injury, made powerful works of art and welcomed countless new rebels…

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Picture of a fantasy character in a street theater

The Myth of Invulnerability

Imagine for a moment our ancestors. Imagine them for real, at some point, no matter when exactly, as tribes distributed all over the world. There is an open space between huts, a fire, perhaps some children who play between tents, women and men who prepare food or work on some…

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Image of people hugging each other

Regenerative Culture: Post-Rebellion Blues

Getting ‘back to normal’ isn’t always easy. This period of rebellion has been both a growthful and challenging time for us Rebels. We had to face disproportionate and illegal use of violence from the police in Madrid, while we bravely remained peaceful cutting off traffic in Villaverde’s bridge. We shared…

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Rebels sitting in the first line of the Oct 7th action in Madrid blocking the road.

The Rebellion will be Peaceful

In a system at war with life, the rebellion will be peaceful. Extinction Rebellion demonstrators in peaceful protest experienced a disproportionate response from the authorities. Serious legal shortcomings are evidenced in police action during peaceful protests. The rebellion for life will continue despite repression. On Monday 7th October, Extinction Rebellion…

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Action at the brige Nuevos Ministerios the 7th Oct in Madrid

Letter from a Rebel

Personal journal and thoughts of a rebel about the international rebellion action of the 7th Oct in Madrid. 10th October 2019 Like many other rebels, I’m on my way back, on a train heading home.The journey home is lulling me slowly in a quiet and calm state of mind.On my…

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XR Barcelona - October Newsletter

October Newsletter

Dear rebels, What an amazing month it’s been. In towns and cities around the world, millions of people have taken to the streets to demand action to save our future on this beautiful planet. Consciousness of the climate and ecological crisis is growing, pressure on governments is mounting, and amidst…

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Meeting with the mayor of Barcelona

Evaluation of the Meeting with Ada Colau

The Climate Movements ask the government of Barcelona for policies to address the climate emergency with the required urgency and scale Climacció, Families For Future Barcelona, Fridays For Future Barcelona, Moviment per la Justícia Climàtica and Rebel·lió o Extinció Barcelona will participate today in the first session of the Roundtable…

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Image of a pen and a letter

A Message of Rebellion

Good morning [name redacted], I just saw your mail about my absence from October 7th and 8th. I was hesitant to comment openly or to take advantage of “personal days” or “personal reasons” to go to Madrid on those days. I have been participating for months in a global movement…

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XR Barcelona at the Global climate Strike

Global Climate Strike

Thousands of people rebel against the climate emergency in the global climate strike Rebel·lió o Extinció Barcelona, as part of the platforms that have convened the mobilizations, has been active throughout the week to call for immediate action to stop the climate emergency and expose the crisis to society. The…

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Rebe;s attending Brisa Fenoy's Concert

Brisa Fenoy’s Concert

On September 27, after participating in the multitudinous demonstration against the climate emergency, we had the opportunity to present Extinction Rebellion during the concert of Brisa Fenoy at Prat de Llobregat. This artist, known among other things by the feminist hymn that she composed last year that the whole country…

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Images of the action

World Day Without Cars in Barcelona

On September 22, coinciding with the world day without cars, we have gathered together with the Fridays for Future Barcelona movement at the entrance of the Barcelona (Meridiana Street) to demand drastic measures on private mobility in Barcelona. The air we breathe the inhabitants of the Barcelona area, and other…

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