Newsletter 7: More rebellion. More collaboration. More love.

Dear Rebels,

While the media dedicates covers to the Coronavirus and the cancellation of the Mobile World Congress, the Rebellion remains tireless, fighting a much more serious threat. It is a much greater danger, which affects us all and one which science has been warning us about for decades: inaction to the climate crisis.

More than ever, our duty as citizens is to take sides and fight for the climate emergency to be treated as a real emergency. This is a completely transversal fight that we cannot win alone. It is vital to build alliances with other movements of the city and make clear the intersectionality of social struggles. Therefore, this month we have worked with many other groups, and we have also collaborated in the launch of the new Zeroport platform.

We already have a date for the XR Barcelona Rebellion week: it will begin on May 18 and will continue until the weekend of May 23. More information about the May Rebellion will be published soon. Stay tuned!

While the actions and strategy that will shape the rebellion begin to take shape, the welcome team is doing tireless work to incorporate new Rebels. Mobilizing and training as many rebels as possible for the next Rebellion is a huge task, and we need your help. We are looking for volunteers to strengthen the teams of spokespersons, training, actions and talks. Join us to participate more actively!

If you want to join us on the streets and be part of the May Rebellion, or want to help us organize it, register here

October Rebellion in Madrid, 2019

March welcome meetings

To get to know XR Barcleona and the people that make up the group, come to one of the welcome meetings this month and bring your friends, and spread the word!

  • Wednesday the 11th of March, at the Negreta del Gòtic, Barcelona, at 7:15 p.m., welcome meeting in Catalan. Sign up here.
  • Wednesday the 25th of March at La Cinètika, Rambla de Fabra i Puig, 28, Barcelona, at 7pm, welcome meeting in Spanish. Sign up here.

Next ‘Heading to Extinction’ talks

Are there still people around you who do not see the severity of the climate crisis? Recommend them to attend one of our next talks! Next dates:

  • BadaTerra Fair, Badalona, ​​Pompeu Fabra Square, two sessions:
    – Saturday March 14 at 7 p.m.
    – Sunday March 15 at 6pm
  • Thursday March 19 at 7 p.m. at La Fede, Calle de Tàpies 1, Barcelona
  • Saturday March 21, at the Placecar Metro Vallcarca, during the event ‘We do Mercado Vallcarca (spring 2020)’
  • Friday April 3 at 7:30 p.m. at the Drassanes Civic Center, Calle Nou de la Rambla 43, Barcelona

We are scheduling more talks, keep an eye on our social media channels and the events section in this website.

If you would like XR Barcleona to come to give a talk in your neighborhood, civic center, reading club, hiking center, consumer cooperative, work office (or even share some words with your aunts and uncles over a cup of ecological tea ;), write an email to

Do you want action?

Bring your bike or skateboard to the Critical Mass Ride that is held every first Friday of the month this Friday, March 6 at 8:00 p.m. in Arc de Triomf, Barcelona.

Critical Mass Ride in Barcelona, December 2015 (photo: László Spengler)

Join us on the streets on March 8 on the occasion of the women’s day demonstration. The Rebellion will be ecofeminist! (Meeting place and time: 4:30 p.m. at Plaça de Goya plaça Goya (Ronda Sant Antoni with Muntaner). You can also join the Artivist session on Friday the 6th of March in Arts Can Batlló, and go see the performance by the ecofeminist group in the night:

Join us on the streets on the occasion of the anti-rascism demonstration on March 21 at 5pm (meeting point: Jardinets de Gràcia, Barcelona). Check the manifesto here.

Trainings and workshops: save the date!

Agenda of direct nonviolent action workshops:

  • Sunday, March 22 (place and time to be confirmed)
  • (In English) Sunday, March 29 from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. at RAI, Carders Street 12, Barcelona
  • Friday, April 17 (place and time to be confirmed)
  • Friday, May 8 (place and time to be confirmed)

Temazcal for the rebellious daughters of the PACHAMAMA, March 21

We bring indigenous culture closer to the regenerative practices of XR Barcleona: taking advantage of the energy of the spring equinox we meet in Vilassar de Dalt, at Casa Paula, at 10 am to celebrate a temazcal. This workshop focuses on personal growth to release the energy, mental and emotional obstacles of each participant. If you want to participate, contact @Jenniferxr @Semillacosmicadefuego on Telegram. There are limited spots! (An economic contribution of € 25 is suggested).

Next, we review some of the actions of this February…

ZeroFums Vallcarca

Photo: Ariane @ariane.sta

On February 1st we went out to ask for a #BarriRespirable (#breathableneighbourhood) and a city without pollution and the pacification of Avenida Vallcarca, because #elfumensmata (#smokekillsus).

We want a smoke- free Vallcarca!

Official presentation of Zeroport

ZeroPort members from the different activist movement in November 2019

In the midst of an unprecedented climate emergency, Aena and Puerto de Barcelona are planning the expansion of the Barcelona airport and harbour, increasing their capacity and multiplying emissions. That is why we have participated in the creation of Zeroport, a platform to fight back against these extensions. The platform is formed by twenty organizations. If we want a future, the first thing we have to do is stop digging our own grave! Follow us at @zeroportbcn and see the full press conference here where the platform was officially presented to the media this February.

We evaluated the plan of measures against the climate crisis of the Barcelona City Council: it is not enough

Press Conferene at La on the 17th of February 2020

A climate emergency declaration cannot be accompanied by a long-term plan of measures. In a joint press conference with other movements fighting for climate justice, we have demanded from the city council more commitment when it comes to implementing measures that substantially reduce CO2 emissions during this same term. Check the press conference here.

ENDESA action

Action, March 19, 2020. Photo: Silvia Tarín @mirallums

Within the framework of the week against Energy Poverty, Civil society accused @endesaclientes as the entity most responsible for energy poverty and climate emergency.

@endesa is one of the main oligopoly companies, marketer and distributor which has the most customers in Catalonia, as well as being the company in Spain which pollutes the most.

No “green washing” can cover the number of violations Endesa has been exercising with impunity for decades, both in the North and in the global South, and that is why we say enough from civil society. Ecocide, exploitation and plundering of resources that companies such as Endesa perpetrate, also includes the dispossession of families in vulnerable situations. General citizens are also affected since the invoices we are asked to pay do not have a fair price, considering the quality and security of the services we receive.

Different groups in defense of Human Rights, energy sovereignty and the fight against Climate Emergency join forces and denounce the multiple violations of the company before its headquarters in Barcelona.

We went out to protest the arrival of gas coming from fracking to the port of Barcelona

Action on February 21, 2020. Photo: Joanna Chichelnitzky

On February 20 we joined an international action against fracking that united the Global South and the consumerist and exploitative North. Barcelona has been the destination of the first ship from ‘Vaca Muerta’ (Argentina) with Liquefied Natural Gas obtained via fracking. What good is it that Catalonia has banned this practice if it exports those extracted in other countries? More information here.

We denounce the blindness of the tech industry with an action

Action, February 24, 2020

We have participated in an action in the Framework of the Mobile Social Congress (seminars and workshops organized by SETEM) to denounce the production and consumption model of the electronics and information technology industry. This industry requires intensive non-renewable mineral resources with a huge environmental and social impact on communities that suffer from mining extractivism. On the other hand, big brands are responsible for violations of labour rights and health and safety standards in factories, where manufacturing is outsourced in the non- transparent global supply chain.

The rebellion begins in the classrooms!

We have collaborated with the BAU School of Design so that senior students develop a communication project for XR Barcelona. The participants have received a welcome talk and we have asked them to carry out several projects to strengthen us in the face of the 3rd Rebellion. We really want to see the creative proposals of the students!

We want to thank the intervention of the Underground Brigade, without which the teaching staff of the BAU School would not have been able to contact us, to do this collaboration.

Inauguration of the circus group of XR Barcelona and the Clown Rebel Army

In the Arts group there is a group of rebels who have dared to set up the ‘CircRebellion’, a circus group that will remain to practice and perhaps create some performance for XR’s actions, do you want to join?

In addition, we are recruiting rebel clowns wanting to join the fight for climate justice, to form a good army of infallible clowns. Join our ranks and email!

February in numbers:

  • Talks: 6
  • Welcome meetings: 3 (in Catalan, Spanish and English)
  • Total actions performed or collaborations: 4
  • Workshops: 3 (training of trainers in ADNV, training speakers welcome meetings, regenerative culture workshop)
  • Press mentions: Zeroport 7, Extinction Rebellion Barcelona 6