Letter to the Three Magi

Dear Magi,

This year there is one thing that worries us… It is the crisis of the climate climate, pollution, and biodiversity loss we suffer all over the world.

Because you always make sure that all the girls and boys that well behaved get what they deserve, we are confident that the best gift they can receive is a future to live. That is why we thought to let you know…

That with few and well chosen gifts, you’ll make us happy as well.

With gifts made from natural materials, you’ll make us happy as well.

With gifts that other girls and boys no longer use, you’ll make us happy as well.

With gifts hand made from you, you’ll make us happy as well.

With presents wrapped in newspaper or fabric, you’ll make us happy as well (be sure we’ll return your fabric for next year!).

With gifts from your closest helpers, you’ll make us happy as well (no need to ask for help from the other side of the world!).

However, above all, there is a gift that makes us especially excited. This year we want you to bring us climate awareness. A lot of awareness to give and distribute to our towns and cities. Consciousness to be firm and firm in making the right decisions to live on a planet where we can breathe clean air, drink clean water, bathe in seas and rivers free of plastic, eat healthy, live together with all the animals, plants and communities that are endangered today, and living a life that does not mean that other people and beings suffer or die. Awareness of defending climate justice around the world.

Thank you so much.

Once again we count on you.

Rebellion or Extinction