Laser art to wake up consciences

Today, Friday, 5th January 2020, Extinction Barcelona (XR BCN) have projected laser images using as background “El Corte Inglés”, one of the places where business intends to continue as usual, while we move at an accelerated speed towards extinction.

With this action we want to show that while no individual is guilty of the climate crisis, companies like “El Corte Inglés” systematically hinder the necessary changes, putting their short-term benefits before human survival.

Big companies like “El Corte Inglés” claim to be business role models, but they look more like riders of the Apocalypse.
We challenge the economic dominance of large corporations, as well as the toxic system that legitimises this absurd situation.

These days, in Australia, where fires grew at an unprecedented scale, and with rapidly advancing destruction, it is imperative that we become aware of these phenomena. They will become more and more usual unless we do what is necessary to change course and minimize the catastrophe.

We encourage everyone to join the Rebellion for life around the world.

Love and Rage,

XR Barcelona