Dehumanize without worrying, racism gives votes

Chronicle by Cielo, a migrant activist belonging to the Rebellion for Global Justice commission:

“Racial justice” is a term that I reject as incorrect: to accept it would be to admit that there are races and, therefore, that it is necessary to look at the scale at which each one occupies humanity. I am not going to collaborate with that farce. I am an anti-racist, and races are an invention of those who want to justify the racism and oppression that they inflict on other human beings.

Racism/classism tends to ally itself with religious racists to “rule” (suffer in silence in this life to reach paradise in the next … Obey the one who has power, because that power comes from God). Really? This is what they recently inferred by cynically showing the Bible in their hands: Trump; Jeaninne Añez and the “macho” Camacho in his coup of nov. 2019 in Bolivia. Earlier there, during the dictatorship of General García Mesa, the Unification Church of the Korean multimillionaire Sun Myung Moon acted, supporting Camacho —He sent A. Betancourt on his behalf to Bolivia—capturing, washing, kidnapping minds and spirits of right-wing families, achieving racist cadres, rulers of the people. Bolsonaro depends on an evangelical church; Evangelical-racist churches increasingly influence Latin American governments.

And what remains for us, when we can no longer breathe, other than liberating and empowering protest? Let’s look at history: from the peoples that the Bible recounts, passing through the French Revolution, that of October 1917, that of Gandhi’s India, China, African peoples… . Palestine was an English “protectorate”. It was handed over to Zionists who now intend to annex Gaza, concealing that in this way they guarantee the privileges of our exploiters, extractivists who coincidentally have been and, even today, are the supremacists—whites in most cases—with arguments of “people chosen by God”: to dominate and oppress others? They do not differ from Hitler and Fascist theories or, more recently, with slogans such as “a great country”, or “America 1st.” Sounds familiar? Are they really appeals to justice, to equality? No, they are manipulative phrases of minds and spirits, awakeners of our supremacist monster, ergo racism. Therefore, although the racism of white supremacists is the one that dominates the world, other elites try to copy it to obtain followers and maintain and expand privileges (those of the elite in the first place, leaving the crumbs for others … and misery for the “strangers” who are not “ours”).

You have to be brave against the abuse of power; silence only perpetuates the situation of injustice. As Edmund Burke said: “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good people do nothing.”

There are no races. All human beings make up the species. Science confirms that Homo sapiens migrated from Africa to the whole world. This is the essence of our humanity: migration in search of survival.

-Cielo de RJG-