Counter Advertising Action

Counter Advertising Action – Barcelona

25/05/2019 — This morning we carried out a Counter Advertising Action on the streets of Barcelona. In three symbolic areas of the city we have replaced advertising posters with messages that call on the entire population to rebel in support of the climate emergency and the loss of biodiversity.

We have covered up the advertising posters because they are key elements of this socio-economic system that pushes us to consume and that is destroying the planet.

It is essential that we wake up and get involved in the struggle because if we don’t act now within a few years there will be no wildlife, there will be no trees, there will be no beach and there will be no future.

There is no time. We must act now.

Please keep this in mind when you vote in the European Elections tomorrow.


Rebel advertisements


25 de maig, #Barcelona, dia de reflexió. Les #MarquesinesRebels ens inviten a reflexionar: ja corren rius de tinta i declaracions sobre l’#emergenciaclimatica però seguim sense CAP CANVI MÍNIMAMENT SIGNIFICATIU. No ens queden més legislatures. És ara o mai #RebellioExtincio

Avui 25 de maig Barcelona desperta amb #MarquesinesRebels que ens recorden que, encara que tenim una Llei del Clima i una declaració d’emergència climàtica, encara no s’ha fet res mínimament significatiu per afrontar la situació. I el temps segueix passant… #RebellioExtincio

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