Climate Emergency Declaration of Barcelona

The Movements for the Climate demand the Government of Barcelona an annual reduction of GHG emissions of 7.6% according to the claims of the UN

The Movements will analyze in detail the measures that the City Council will present today in the Climate Emergency Declaration to make public a Valuation in the next days.

Climacció, Families For Future Barcelona, Fridays For Future Barcelona, Moviment per la Justícia Climàtica i Rebel·lió or Extinció Barcelona expect the Declaration to present a clear political commitment with concrete actions to achieve a 7.6% reduction in GHG emissions that The scientific community claims in the latest UN report during the current 2019-2023 mandate. That is why they demand the calculation of GHG emission reduction that will be achieved by each specific action, its calendar and its budget.

In relation to the measures that the Barcelona City Council advanced yesterday on the port and the airport: they ask for a clear positioning and a work agenda with the Spanish Government to stop the expansion of these structures, which generate 12.9 million tons per year of CO2. They also request the precautionary suspension of the port expansion works as well as the expansion of flight lines and sea routes. For the movements this is an urgent and essential demand, beyond a global emission reduction plan for both infrastructures. Regarding the study to  eliminate short flights with alternative rail have welcomed the performance with satisfaction and asked to be the government of Barcelona the developer of this study in the case in two months there has been no response from the other administrations. 

In relation to the actions presented on the port, these are measures that have been on the table for years or in approved plans, such as rail access or electrification, or others are actions that will have little impact on reducing emissions. For this reason, they ask that priority be given to work to stop the planned extensions, the third container terminal and two large-capacity cruise terminals, and the definition of a plan to reduce maritime routes shipping, primarily cruise ships, to achieve annual reduction. of CO2 emissions of 7.6% to meet the climate objectives in 2030.

The Movements for Climate expect to know today the actions that the government will carry out for the drastic reduction of motor vehicles, responsible for 40% of gases of greenhouse effect that are imputed to the city. A field of full competition of the City Council where it will show its real commitment in the fight to face the climatic emergency. The movements demand from the government the application of an anti-pollution rate (urban toll) that will be applied to high- occupancy vehicles and will be free for  cars with 3 or more occupants and people with reduced mobility. They demand that renewal policies be overcome, such as the Low Emission Zone, and that an effective measure of drastic reduction of vehicles should be applied. 

Finally, the movements call for the creation of an independent committee to monitor the application of the measures and their results in reducing emissions every 6 months, consisting of independent scientific experts and citizens. That the evaluation have to be carried out annually to be able to act quickly if the emissions are not reduced at the necessary rate.