Campaign against Black Friday

Extinction Rebellion Barcelona takes action and denounces the environmental and social impact of the Black Friday campaign, which marks the day of the year with the highest level of consumption.

Extinction Rebellion Barcelona will carry out two actions today with the aim of generating a space for reflection and dialogue in the city, and of contributing to the fostering of critical thinking about the climate emergence and social justice.

What impact does the Black Friday campaign have? Is it worth taking advantage of the discounts offered by the companies that contribute the most to pollution and exploitation on the planet? What is really a priority? What could be the alternatives? How could we benefit from them?

The actions

Extinction Rebellion and Fridays For Future have decided to coordinate ourselves when it comes to taking action, addressing two of the most polluting industries that are also strong protagonists of the Black Friday campaign: Fridays For Future will carry out an action in Pl. Catalonia to denounce the impact of fast fashion, while Extinction Rebellion will focus on the production and sale of electronic devices and planned obsolescence.

The actions planned by Extinction will consist of the hanging of critical messages around the city, and a performance in the afternoon in the streets of a commercial area. Tonight some rebels have been working to carry out an action for Black Friday. This morning, Barcelona wakes up with more than 70 bus and metro station ads changed with an Extinction Rebellion message: “We are consuming the planet; do not buy anything for Black Friday and you will save misery, pollution and 100% of your money”.
The counter-campaign is also intended to have an impact on social media, and invites citizens to upload pictures of retouched bus shelters with the hashtags #fuckblackfriday #blackfriday #buynothingday #hoynocompres #boicotamazon #boycottblackfriday.

In the afternoon, another group of rebels will carry out a performance in order to raise awareness among consumers about the effect of consumption of electronic devices.

Advertisment sign: "we are consuming the planet" (in castellano) at a bus stop

We are consuming the planet

Black Friday is a marketing strategy that encourages unnecessary consumption and production on a massive scale. Online sales involve the multiplication of transportation vehicles, and excessive use of packaging materials. Electronic products in particular have a strong social and environmental impact. They are made from scarce raw materials, which are extracted under subhuman conditions, exploiting adults and children in other countries. In addition, these devices are subject to planned obsolescence that forces their constant renewal. The massive purchase of electronic devices for Black Friday promotes the accumulation of electronic waste which is increasing 20% globally per year. Today we already have 50 million tonnes of waste. Only 20% of electronic products are recycled in the world while landfills deliver toxic products such as lead and mercury in the air, water and land.

For all these reasons, Extinction Rebellion says no to unnecessary consumption, planned obsolescence, exploitation of people and natural resources, and the brutal contamination of the only planet we have.

It is now or never.

Extinction Rebellion Barcelona

Advertisment sign: "we are consuming the planet" (in catalan) at a bus stop