Brisa Fenoy’s Concert

On September 27, after participating in the multitudinous demonstration against the climate emergency, we had the opportunity to present Extinction Rebellion during the concert of Brisa Fenoy at Prat de Llobregat.

This artist, known among other things by the feminist hymn that she composed last year that the whole country sang and danced, is very sensitive to the climate crisis. She defends an art that not only serves to share emotions, but also serves to encourage reflection/action. In this frame, that fits perfectly with Extinction Rebellion, is why she invited us to her concert.

Brisa Fenoy playing the piano

We share the pain and sadness that we feel with this catastrophe, the impotence to be witnesses of such destruction, the need and the desire to change this senseless system that, as it is now, is bringing us to the extinction.

On the stage, we explained that the members of Extinction Rebellion came from the demonstration. We made the distinction between climate change and the climate emergency, which affects us every day.

We called some of its harmful consequences, such as floods, the disappearance of islands in the Pacific, that continues to disappear due to the rise in sea level, the extinction of hundreds of animal and flora species every day, hurricanes every time more devastating, and the millions of people fleeing their countries as the consequences that climate change have caused made these countries no longer habitable, increasing the number of climate refugees to 400 million in 2050.

Brisa Fenoy on stage

We explained that Extinction Rebellion was born precisely to give visibility to the climate emergency in which we are, and demand to the governments to admit it, face it and tell the truth. We want them to face the undeniable scientific reality and take action in this regard.
We are already suffering the consequences of climate change. Therefore, immediate action is required.

We explained to the audience the action that took place in London on April 15, when Extinction Rebellion blocked the centre of the city, filling the streets of desire for change and hope.
We encouraged the public to investigate and search for the terrible data that is available to everyone.
Finally we invited them to join networks such as Extinction Rebellion and to use their voices to fight for climate justice.