Blue Brigade Barcelona

The ‘Blue Brigade’ represents the rise of the oceans, the floods, the rough, mysterious, deep and sacred waters. It symbolizes the ice that turns into water as it melts. Water is related to emotions, and blue symbolises sadness. Sad for every whale found dead on the beach, sad for the loss of biodiversity on land and in the seas, sad for every species lost.

Water is like the Hindu goddess Kali: cold as death and salty as tears and blood, but at the same time it is the primordial Mother from where all the life of this blue planet we inhabit arose. Goddess Kali is the one who nourishes what is useful and destroys what is left over… 

Rebel with a blue mask painted on his face

As the sea drops we are united. The Blue Brigade moves and feels like a single being. We move slowly and solemnly, watching with disbelief and amazement how humans are leaving the world. We want to inspire people who look at us to observe the world as we observe it, with fresh eyes, like a being who has come out of the depths of the sea and sees for the first time the beautiful world in which we live and what we have done to it. 

Oceans are rising & so are we

The Rebels of the Blue Brigade  at Barcelona's beach