August Newsletter

Dear rebels,

Welcome to the first newsletter of XR Barcelona!

We start this newsletter at a critical moment. On July 6, we carried out our first large-scale nonviolent civil disobedience action and will soon take to the streets again, along with thousands of other rebels from around the world, in two acts of global rebellion. Now more than ever it is time to spread the word and welcome as many rebels as possible to XR Barcelona!

We need you:

27/09 Barcelona: Global Climate Strike. More information at the beginning of September.

07/10 Madrid International Rebellion for the Climate. XR Barcelona will meet in Madrid with other XR groups from big cities in the world. Transportation will be organized from Barcelona.

And now, the news …


A group of wealthy American philanthropists, led by Trevor Nilson, Rory Kennedy and Aileen Getty have opened a $ 500,000 climate emergency fund to support the actions of Extinction Rebellion and other groups in the fight to save the planet – and have committed to raising millions more.

At the last assembly of XR Barcelona, we voted to accept an initial sum of $ 5,000, which may be accompanied by an additional $ 50,000 if we decide to accept it. Of the initial 5,000 dollars, 80% will be used so that four rebels can dedicate themselves full-time to the preparation of the International Climate Rebellion, scheduled for October 7.


XR Barcelona blocks three lanes of Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes

On July 6, XR Barcelona blocked the Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes in the Gloriès area for 12 minutes, at a point where thousands of cars enter the city every hour on the C-32/C-31 motorways.

This symbolic act of civil disobedience was carried out in solidarity with the “Aturem C-32” and “SOS Costa Brava” groups, who had been trying to avoid cutting down trees for the expansion of the C-32 motorway for more than 30 days. With this action, we send a clear message to the Catalan government: Declaring the state of climatic emergency is not enough. Without action your words mean nothing.


On July 10, XR Barcelona, Fridays For Future Barcelona, Families For Future Barcelona and Moviment per la Justícia Climàtica delivered a letter to Ada Colau with seven urgent measures to deal with the climate crisis in Barcelona. Including, stopping the impending expansion of the airport and the city’s port. The letter also requested a meeting with the mayor on September 27 to hear her opinion on the seven measures.


Rebeldes de XR Barcelona y Climacció protestan contra el plan de expansión del aeropuerto de El Prat

On July 14, a group of rebels from XR Barcelona joined Climacció in a joint action to protest against the El Prat airport expansion plan. The project includes the construction of a third take-off and landing runway, which would lead to an increase of 20 million passengers per year. The action was a success and was covered by several important news media.

CONFERENCE SPEAKERS NEEDED (No experience required)

Speakers Committee training new spokespersons

In preparation of October 7th, the XR Barcelona Xerradas committee is working harder than ever to spread the word about Extinction Rebellion, but more volunteers are needed.

19 rebels attended the first informal training session on how to explain the movement effectively. Another session has been organized for September (details coming soon). If you are interested in being a voice for XR Barcelona, we need you!


A rebel preparing many flags, flags, flags!

The artists of XR Barcelona have been very busy this month. A group of rebels went out to paint the streets of Poble Sec and graffiti has been prepared for Gràcia and Sants. The Art Committee created a dazzling Goddess of the Ocean costume for the July 6 action. While the Visual Impacts Committee, more than 60 second-hand shirts and countless flags and banners are printed.

Do you want to print your shirt with the XR logo? Bring it to the next assembly and the Visual Impact artists will print it for you.

The Goddess of the Ocean visits Gran Via


The Education committee has been teaching small rebels about climate change through interactive activities at Brunch in the Park. Aimed at girls ages 3 to 12, activities included painting a mural of the earth and completing challenges as part of a superhero game about saving the planet. Don’t miss the next session at Brunch in the Park on September 8.

Kids playing: learning about climate change can be fun!


On September 7 and 8, the Welcoming and Training Committee will hold a series of workshops, both for veteran rebels and for newcomers, for those who want to learn more about the philosophy of Extinction Rebellion. The workshops will include sessions on Nonviolent Direct Action (ADNV), and presentations on the fundamental demands and values of the movement. In addition, you can meet and make friends with other rebels – something essential for the movement to work. Stay tuned for information about the workshops and how to sign up.

We begin by saying that now more than ever we need to spread the word about XR Barcelona and add more rebels to the movement – and it’s true. The next 18 months will be decisive in the fight for the future of the planet, and if we don’t act, nobody else will.

Stay optimistic, get involved and fill yourself with love and anger. Together, they cannot ignore us.

XR Barcelona