#AdeuBancaFossil: our demands

We call on Banco Santander to:

  • Immediately stop financing the fossil fuel business, projects, and companies involved in exploration, extraction, production, fracking, etc., and the construction of infrastructures, such as the MidCat/Step or Castor by Enagas or ACS.
  • Stop financing companies and projects responsible for deforestation and the destruction of ecosystems.
  • Finance decentralized and small-scale renewable self-consumption instead of macro-projects.

We encourage individuals, organizations, and companies that have a current account, a pension, or investment fund, or insurance to:

  • Switch to ethical banking (find out more at
  • Directly finance renewable energy and self-consumption projects, such as local energy cooperatives.
  • Write a letter to your bank to ask for clarification and to stop financing fossil fuels.

We demand public institutions:

  • Not to rely on a bank that finances fossil fuels.
  • Create a public bank and credit lines to meet people’s basic needs in the face of the energy and climate crisis.
  • Legislate for greater transparency of banks and financial institutions, prohibit “revolving doors”, and regulate misleading advertising campaigns/greenwashing.
  • Remove barriers and facilitate access to initiatives of the social, solidary and sustainable economy.
  • Exclude gas and nuclear energy from “sustainable” investments, rejecting the European Commission’s proposal.
  • Suspend public debt payments and write off debt in the event of an extreme weather event.
  • Abandon the Energy Charter Treaty.
  • Build a legal framework for fossil fuel divestment and end public subsidies.
  • Reform the financial and monetary system to democratize it and put it at the service of society within the limits of the planet.