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Communication about Citizen Assemblies on Climate

Citizens’ Assemblies on Climate (ACC) are one of four basic demands made by the international movement Extinction Rebellion (XR) to confront the climate, ecological and energy emergency that is already upon us. To arrive at this demand, XR has collected the many and varied experiences of Citizen Assemblies carried out…

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#Adeubancafossil: request for account closure

Fossil banks finance the climate crisis. The banks with the most assets in the fossil fuel industry in Catalonia and in the Spanish State are Santander, with a total of 34 billion dollars worth of investments between 2016 and 2020, BBVA with 22 billion dollars during the same period of…

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Poster where it says "Fossil banking: enough is enough!"

#AdeuBancaFossil: our demands

We call on Banco Santander to: Immediately stop financing the fossil fuel business, projects, and companies involved in exploration, extraction, production, fracking, etc., and the construction of infrastructures, such as the MidCat/Step or Castor by Enagas or ACS.Stop financing companies and projects responsible for deforestation and the destruction of ecosystems.Finance…

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Banks that finance the fossil fuel industry: what can be done? 

The impact of the fossil fuel industry was covered up for years. As early as the 1970s, scientists employed by ExxonMobil and TotalEnergies warned of the harmful effects of excessive fossil fuel use. In response, fossil fuel companies launched disinformation campaigns designed to weaken public pressure, comparable to the disinformation campaigns…

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Black Friday 2021 Manifesto

Consumption during Black Friday increases year after year. Today, Friday 26th, Black Friday, we rebel to denounce the culture of mass consumption, the ecological impact it implicates, the extractivism it implies and the oppression it entails in exploited countries. Large corporations such as Amazon, Inditex, MediaMarkt or Apple manipulate us…

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Follow-up of the Citizens’ Assembly for the Climate

INFORMATION ON FOLLOW-UP OF THE GOVERNMENT COMMITMENT TO CONVENE THE CITIZENS’ ASSEMBLY FOR THE CLIMATE OF CATALONIA One of the fundamental demands in the Extinction Rebellion movement is the creation of Citizens’ Assemblies for the Climate, “chosen using a representative draw, informed by experts in the field, to deliberate and…

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June Rebellion 2021 Barcelona

Our movement takes to the streets to make clear the seriousness of the climate crisis to the new government of the Generalitat. We demand the creation of a citizens’ assembly to allow citizens to decide on how to make the transition to carbon neutrality in a socially just way. During…

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Persones amb pancarta que defensa la que la justícia social i la justícia climàtica van juntes


2020 has been an awakening of our interconnections as a global society, both in terms of our relationship with the planet, with the biosphere, and between different human societies. We have begun to understand that our effects have a clear impact not only on our biosphere, but also on our…

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We demand a regenerative tourism

We demand a regenerative tourism

A new tourism alternative that promotes respect rather than destruction Given the decline in international tourism due to the current pandemic, many are wondering if this could be the perfect opportunity to rebuild a greener and more sustainable tourism. This is a challenging issue as, at a time of climate…

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Dehumanize without worrying, racism gives votes

Chronicle by Cielo, a migrant activist belonging to the Rebellion for Global Justice commission: “Racial justice” is a term that I reject as incorrect: to accept it would be to admit that there are races and, therefore, that it is necessary to look at the scale at which each one…

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International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples Action

Extinction Rebellion Barcelona denounces the passivity of the Bolsonaro government in the face of the devastating effect that the coronavirus is having on Brazil’s indigenous peoples. Extinction Rebellion Barcelona joins the international call for action on Indigenous Peoples’ Day to denounce the Bolsonaro government’s negligence in protecting these communities from…

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Sustainable and local tourism poster

Sustainable and local tourism, a conscious change

Staying nearby is not a punishment During confinement, we have felt forced to travel “inside the home”, and many of us have taken advantage of the situation to revalue what we may have underestimated only because it was near. As summer arrives, bringing holidays to many of us, we must…

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"Let's make a new alterity for a new city" banner.

Let’s make a new alterity for a new city

With the system de-escalation we need, the time for rethinking the society we live in is now. And, as Barcelonans, we need to rethink the city model that took us to the present moment. In the new world ahead of us after the return to the “new normality” that governments propose,…

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Rebels holding green posters in front of La Borsa de Barcelona

World Environment Day Event

On the 5th of June 2020, World Environment Day, the citizens’ platforms 2020 Rebelión por el Clima and Alianza por el Clima –two platforms in which hundreds of civil society organisations are included, from environmental and international cooperation organisations to trade unions and agricultural organizations– organised several decentralised actions throughout…

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De-escalate the system banner

De-escalate the system, protect our life

After almost two months of home confinement, the moment to return to our daily lifes has arrived. Some of us enjoyed the privilege of spending this time thinking and reminding ourselves what really matters — but others lived little, never-ending, daily hells. For many women, home confinement put them face…

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The Rebels of the Blue Brigade in Barcelona

Blue Brigade Barcelona

The ‘Blue Brigade’ represents the rise of the oceans, the floods, the rough, mysterious, deep and sacred waters. It symbolizes the ice that turns into water as it melts. Water is related to emotions, and blue symbolises sadness. Sad for every whale found dead on the beach, sad for the…

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